Un Autre journal

Another journal

A Four-Year Madness

Collective work

Foreword: Jean Naudin

120 pages – 77 phototographs, CMYK color model

Photographic report

Dimensions: 17 x 24 cm (6,5 x 9,5 inches)

ISBN: 978-2-919436-20-0

Prix : 20 €

Another Journal challenges the notion of normality, this project is a collective work, created by a group of mentally disabled people in Marseille. The project stands on the border between sickness and health, artist and amateur. These powerful visions break down the walls. There is a silverline between the inner-self and the outside world. Undefinable feelings emerge. This book is the result of a four-year collective artistic experience, initiated by the Un Autre Journal project, launched after Stephanos Mangriotis, a photographer, Carole Coquantif, a nurse, and Charlotte Lenoir, a psychiatrist, met, led by the shared desire to offer a safe space of expression that would go further than a basic daily workshop. Each participant was given a camera to take pictures of their daily life. Weekly meeting were organized outside of the hospital to look at and discuss their work.